Act 4, Scene 1: Paranoia

(mobile phone rang)
(A digs into her purse and picks up phone)

A: Hullo?
B: Hi.

(A rolls eyes)

A: Oh, it’s you.
B: It’s me.

A: How can I help you?
B: Why did you call earlier?

A: Huh?
B: You called, right?

A: No.
B: Just now, you called, right?

A: No, my phone was in my bag until I picked it up.
B: …you didn’t call me?

(A sighs)

A: Do you even remember that I’m not working today?
B: Eh.

(A glares at the phone)

A: It’s my off day, remember?
B: Ah. If you didn’t call then okay. Please call me if you need anything.

A: I will. Please enjoy your holiday.
B: You too.

A: I was, until you called.
B: Oh my God, I’m sorry. See you…?

A: In two days.
B: In two days.

A: …
B: Okay then.

A: Bye.
B: Bye.

(A hangs up)
(A stares at the phone)
(A stares at the phone for a long time)


Narrator: Either he’s a paranoid workaholic or…?

(curtain closes)