Act 3, Scene 4: Writing Unwritten

Prompt from here.
Dedicated to someone dear to me, who passed away last month.

To you,
whom I’ve been doing my best for.

I want you to know that I’m still doing my best.

You’re good.
I’m not as good as you are.
All I could do is to try to be half as good.

I want to make you proud.
And I know it’s not enough just being what I am now –
one of the many things that keeps me going.

I will continue doing my best,
with what I have,
with what I can do.

So please,
be at peace.

Because despite where I am now,
I will move on,
I will strive,
and I will live.

For being such an inspiration,
Thank you.

I will miss you.
But thank you.

– yours.