Act 6, Scene 1: Burden

Prompt from here.

‘How long has it been?’
‘Too long, even knowing not a single second would bear any fruit.’

‘Doesn’t that stop you?’
‘It doesn’t.’

‘You give, but you can never expect any return. It just doesn’t work that way.’
‘I know. Even that hasn’t stopped me either.’

‘Because I can’t choose whom.’

‘Forget. Walk away. Look for someone else.’
‘I want to want it.’

‘You’re an idiot.’

I smiled sadly.

– a conversation with a friend.


Act 4, Scene 1: Paranoia

(mobile phone rang)
(A digs into her purse and picks up phone)

A: Hullo?
B: Hi.

(A rolls eyes)

A: Oh, it’s you.
B: It’s me.

A: How can I help you?
B: Why did you call earlier?

A: Huh?
B: You called, right?

A: No.
B: Just now, you called, right?

A: No, my phone was in my bag until I picked it up.
B: …you didn’t call me?

(A sighs)

A: Do you even remember that I’m not working today?
B: Eh.

(A glares at the phone)

A: It’s my off day, remember?
B: Ah. If you didn’t call then okay. Please call me if you need anything.

A: I will. Please enjoy your holiday.
B: You too.

A: I was, until you called.
B: Oh my God, I’m sorry. See you…?

A: In two days.
B: In two days.

A: …
B: Okay then.

A: Bye.
B: Bye.

(A hangs up)
(A stares at the phone)
(A stares at the phone for a long time)


Narrator: Either he’s a paranoid workaholic or…?

(curtain closes)